You Can Be Fired At Any Time, For Any Reason, Or For No Reason At All.  So, do we have any workplace rights at all?  Yes, we have one right. 

Under United States law, we have just one basic employment right, and that one basic employment right is the right not to be treated differently at work if that differential treatment is due to our sex, race, color, age, disability, national origin or religion.

Don’t Quit! If you’re being discriminated against at work, you may be tempted to quit, but think twice about it, as it may be a decision you’ll regret later.

Quitting your job, thenis like throwing out the baby with the bath water; you're forfeiting the game, so never do it, because quitting will hurt your chances of prevailing, and you won’t even be able to collect  unemployment benefits, so #dontquit.

If you're facing unjust treatment at work, call me, so that we can start the process of determining how we can best help you manage the workplace hostility.

Let us help you stand up for yourself, get what you want, get what you deserve, and maybe even make a difference in your workplace. I’m waiting to support you, I'm a great listener, and the call is confidential and free. I'm Deborah--call me! 

Who We Are

Tuckner, Sipser is a boutique employee rights law firm dedicated to the empowerment of women in the workforce. We provide top-notchcost-effective and concentrated legal firepower to women facing sex-based discrimination at work.

Our attorneys focus on leveling the playing field for women facing pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment and gender pay disparity, and we represent all employees facing unfair discrimination. 

Who We Serve

Tuckner, Sipser helps women facing unfair workplace discrimination due to pregnancy, sexual harassment, gender pay disparity, FMLA and maternity leave violations, and all other forms of gender-based hostility and differential treatment.

At Tuckner, Sipser we create a strong legal backbone for employees contending with disparate treatment based on gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, and all other forms of discrimination.

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At Tuckner, Sipser, we work for you. Whatever your position or income, if you’re experiencing workplace discrimination, we exist to counsel & represent you.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you protect your job by knowing your rights, or if it's too late to save your job, let us fight for justice on your behalf. Please call Deborah O’Rell at 212.766.9100 or email her at The call is confidential and the consultation is free.

Firm News

"Retaliation is often a much more serious, actionable and provable claim than the underlying discrimination claim,” employment law expert Jack Tuckner, told ABC News. "And it’s the retaliation case that can bring the hefty damage awards, because now she can sue for the compensation she would have received had she not been terminated for alleged discrimination.” Jack Tuckner on GMA.

Pregnancy Discrimination

Learn how to protect yourself and your job by downloading our free guide to workplace pregnancy discrimination. If your pregnancy, maternity leave or pregnancy-related physical challenges and limitations have caused a change for the worse in your workplace, you’re not alone, it’s not unusual, it’s illegal and you can do something about it. Don't wait until you're fired, and don't quit!

Thank You

We want you to know that you’re well-represented. We want it to be obvious, because aside from our expertise in women's workplace rights, we want you to know that we actually care about you, and your particular job challenge. You’re preaching to the choir when you tell it to us. And when it’s all over, we'll know that we served you well, when you call to ask us if you could write one of these. Thank you!

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“I will not be treated differently at work because I am a woman.”